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Volunteer Job Descriptions

All materials, curriculum, and tutor training are provided.



Tutoring in the Children's Program


A volunteer may work one-on-one with a child in reading, language or math. 


Tutoring Adults with Low Literacy Skills


The latest PIAAC report reveals that 18% of people over the age of 16 in Baxter County read below the fifth grade
level:with a population of +/- 41,000, that means 730000 people cannot read well enough to get through the day. A volunteer may tutor an adult in reading. The volunteer will use curriculum from the Barton Reading Program or the
Laubach Way to Reading. Both programs are designed for struggling learners and volunteers with no professional background in education. TLLC provides the training, mentorship, and materials necessary to tutor.


Educating Adults for the Workforce Program


A tutor may work one-to-one with an adult student who needs help learning math, reading comprehension and language skills needed to thrive in the workplace. Many students seek to pass a standardized test or to learn computer skills.


Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL)


These students may be either children or adults. The tutor's goal is to increase the student's skills in understanding, speaking, reading or writing English. Many students seek to pass a test, such as the citizenship or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exams while many others just need the survival skills to thrive in the Twin Lakes area.  An ESL volunteer does not need to speak the student's native language.


Click the PDF icon to open a Volunteer Form (print when done)


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