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Betty & Irma continued...

When someone she knew suggested she go to the Literacy Council, she thought, “‘I’m not going to school with the little kids.’” But mail would arrive and she could not read it. She could not write checks to pay her bills. She wanted to crawl into a hole and forget about everything. At that point she told herself, “‘Well, Irma, get in the car. Go to school.’”


Irma meets with Betty an hour each week. “She’s a diligent student,” says Betty, who has volunteered four years as a tutor. “She can read very well. She does some of her vowels with a German accent.”

Irma says if something comes up, such as understanding a confusing piece of mail, Betty will explain it to her.

“I felt like a little kid when I started out,” Irma says. “I couldn’t speak very good. I couldn’t write. But I made it.”

Their laughter proves they truly enjoy each other’s company, and Irma states the obvious: “We’re a good pair.”


-- Printed from Marvelous! Magazine, December 2017

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