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Mark continued:


Hello.  My name is Mark.  I am 11 years old and in the 5th grade at Hackler Elementary.  I will have been in the tutoring program for two years this month, and my tutor is Ms. Sue. 


At first I didn’t want to do tutoring, but now I love coming and learning with Ms. Sue.  I have learned a lot and have brought my grades up and understand a lot more in the Barton Reading System.  I read at the 7th grade reading level now.  I will be starting Level 5 in the Barton Reading System soon and hope to improve much more. 


Ms. Sue is a wonderful tutor.  She makes learning so much fun that we run out of time before we know it.  One time we spent the whole time on one lesson.  Also, we had a review at the beginning. 


 I love spending time with her. 

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