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I have ADHD and dyslexia, which has caused me some reading problems.  It was hard for me to read and understand the test.  The first two times I took it, I didn’t pass it.  That’s when I wanted to go get help from the Literacy Council.


So I came for tutoring and worked with a lady named Miss Sharon. She helped me be able to understand the test better by going over practice tests.  We watched a video about the Arkansas Laws, which helped me to visually learn it as well.  We went over the different sections of the test.  She would read out loud the sections that I had a hard time understanding.   We went over questions and she had me answer them.


Studying with Miss Sharon helped me be able to memorize the material.  I was able to understand the book better than when I read it the first time.  She asked me questions that weren’t in the study guides – that actually helped me on the test.


After studying a few weeks with Miss Sharon’s help, I finally went in to take my test.   I was a little nervous when taking it because I didn’t want to fail it a third time.  And finally, I passed it.  I felt amazing. 


So what I would say to everyone is:  Never give up, and always follow your dreams because they can come true.  Anything is possible.

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