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How can I sign up for tutoring?


Call the TLLC office at 870-425-7323.  We will evaluate you
and your needs  and set you up with a volunteer who can help you.


Please understand that we have a limited number of tutors.
If one is not available, you will be put on a waiting list. 

Who will tutor me?


You will learn from a volunteer who is donating his or her time to help you learn.  


To help ensure your safety, TLLC performs  a background check on each volunteer. 

This document is sent through the National Crime Information  Center (NCIC) and the Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC).

When do the lessons take place? 


Each student and tutor pair determines the lesson schedule. A large percentage of tutoring is done once or twice a week.


Where do the lessons take place?


Students who are over the age of 12 may meet their tutors in the TLLC office, at a library, a church or a school - any public place that offers a quiet setting and privacy. 


Students under the age of 12 meet their tutors at schools or in the TLLC office. 


We are unable to tutor in private homes.

Will anyone know that I am being tutored? 


Lessons are private and confidential.


How much does tutoring cost?


It is free!


Is the tutor paid for the lesson?


Tutors work as volunteers.

Is TLLC the right match for all students? 


In the interest of safety for both volunteers and students, we reserve the right to refuse services to some individuals.


We will refer them to places that could be a more suitable match. 

What services are provided for children who need tutoring? 


TLLC volunteers help children, ages 7 - 17, improve skills in reading, language, and math.  


TLLC seeks to help children learn the basic skills they need to flourish in school and in life.


Are all children eligible for tutoring? 


To be eligible for tutoring, a child needs to:


  • Demonstrate academic need

  • Test below grade level, be diagnosed with a learning disability or be at risk for failure 

  • Demonstrate willingness to be tutored by a volunteer


Adult student application
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Child student application 
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