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Why did you come to the Literacy Council?


I moved to Mountain Home from Vietnam in January 2012.  I want to learn more English.  In Vietnam, they teach English in school a little bit, not much.  Sometimes the teachers pronounce it different. I want to live here and speak to everybody.


I am a nail tech at City Nails.  At first it’s hard for me to understand people.  Now my English is getting better.


Who is your tutor at the Literacy Council?


My tutor is Gerald.  He’s really helped me a lot.  He’s very kind.  We meet every week on Tuesday mornings at 8:00. 


Why did you start to study for the GED?


I have a diploma in Vietnam, but I want to go to college in America.  I want to get a degree in something medical.  It is difficult because of the second language.  The first thing I studied for the GED was the math section.  I knew the math but I have to learn the English to understand the question they ask.  They are all word problems.  I took the test last year.  I passed the test.  Now I am studying American history for the social studies test.  I like this. 


When will you take your next test?


I work six days a week.  When I am not studying, I am working.  I bring the Science GED book to work.  When sometimes there is nobody, I have time to read the book.  When I have free time, I will take the tests.

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